My passion was born from comic strips and drawings and it was mainly influenced by full-length animation movies and cartoons. This passion brought me to take up the career of CG Animator/Character Animator, an interest that today is still growing thanks to creative developments proposed by companies, to the exchange of information and experiences within professionals from all over the world -mainly on social networks- and to innovative softwares we use every day to improve and widen our expression ability.

My know-how is creative-based and it includes every field of the 3D world: CG Animation and Character Animation, modeling, texturing and lighting for videogames, animation movies, outfitting of virtual spaces, displays planning and 3D visualization.

My purpose is to improve my artistic skills to bring them to the top level of professional qualification.

I’m always looking for new incentives and projects to increase my skills, in order to guarantee a professional and high quality product.


Inoltre svolgo diverse attività da cui traggo ispirazione per incrementare la mia abilità artistico.


References artworkR
References Blue Dog


Character & Creature Animation Masterclass
Certificate Master Cinema 4D
Certificate Laurea Accademia dei Media