Curriculum Vitae




  • Freelance
  • Character & Creature Animation Masterclass(27/28 June 2014)
  • Master in Cinema 4D (September- November 2012)
  • Master in Cinema 4D for ZuccherodiKanna - C4DZone
  • 3D Artist for Artefice Group
  • 3D Artist for Bluedog
  • 3D Artist / Character animator for Novecento
  • 3D Artist for Bluedog
  • Accademia di Belle Arti Europea dei Media di Milano - Dipartimento di Progettazione e Arti Applicate


3D Artist

Artefice Group

February 2013 – February 2014 

Milan (Italy)

My job consisted in visualizing creative proposals, starting from a specific request of the costumer. I use to work independently or in a team. First of all, I started from studying the request and the brand, then I used to make sketches with pencil that afterwards will be developed by using 3D applications. I ranger from modeling to texturing, from lighting to the real animation of the product. At last, I used to make renderings, to show the product to the customer in all its details, before a sample is produced.

Student on Master in Cinema 4D

ZuccherodiKanna - C4DZone 

September 2012October 2012

Verona (Italy)

C4Dzone is part of the Authorised Training Center Maxon for training in Italy. They release both the Nemetschek and the Maxon certificates.
The course I attended is based on a special program that lasts two months and it is addressed only to professionals who want to use Cinema4D in a top-level. The course is made up of ten participants who work in team and create an animation short film, both in character animation and in traditional animation. The aim of the course is to analyze every tool of the software by teaching the secrets of the 3D application.

3D Artist

Artefice Group

April 2010September 2012

Milan (Italy)

My job consisted in following several projects, starting from the customer briefing until the delivery of the product. I used to start from studying the request and the brand, then the next step was to make proposals to visualize in 3D (modeling, texturing, lighting, animating and rendering).
Afterwards I used to develop boards that have to be shown to the customer, together with executive files that are used for the production step and, in case of outfitting for shops, also for the assembling directly in the shop.

3D Artist


February 2010March 2010

Milan (Italy)

Modeling buildings, sculptures, furniture, various objects and expositive spaces for an online portal.

3D Artist / Character animator


November 2009January 2010

Milan (Italy)

Modeling and animation of characters and creation of spaces and rooms for videogames (Playstation and Xbox).

3D Artist


January 2009July 2009

Milan (Italy)

Modeling and creation of textures for videogames, buildings, characters, clothes, shoes and several objects of visual support (cars, trees, magazines, foods, sculpures,…).


    • Character & Creature Animation Masterclass(27/28 Giugno 2014)
    • Master in Cinema 4D (September - November 2012)


  1. 3D visualization
  2. Cinema 4D
  3. Graphics
  4. 3D Modeling
  5. 3D Rendering
  6. Character Animation
  7. Animation
  8. Photoshop
  9. Illustrator
  10. Drawing
  11. Sketching


  • Italian

  • English


  • Bachelor's Degree in New Technologies of Art - Multimedia Visual Communication

    • October 2008
    • Evaluation: 110/110, with honors

    Thesis: "3D Animation: history, developments and possible applications



3D Animation, reading, drawing, model collecting and building, videogames, role playing games, music, documentaries, martial arts, photography,...