Ultimi Lavori

Fantasy Ant, From Modeling to Animating.

Fantasy Ant, from modeling to animating from Donghi Davide on Vimeo.

Well, I have started learning Zbrush and I was doing a modeling exercise...since i like the result, I decided to go further.

I took the mesh and the map from Zbrush to Cinema 4D, I finalized this character by making rigging, skinning, setup, some adjustments at the material, lighting, rendering and animating...
Guess what? Maybe in the future I'll make a fight scene with this guy :D

Hope you like it! :D

Carletto 2014

Carletto 3D: from sketch to animation from Donghi Davide on Vimeo.

Realizzazione di Carletto , personaggio mascotte dei sofficini findus, dal concept alla sua modellazione, texturing, rigging, skinning, setup, animazione e render.

Cortometraggio Bee Master 2012

Cortometraggio Bee Master 2012 from Donghi Davide on Vimeo.

Questo è il video finale del cortometraggio realizzato durante il master 2012

HLT Central

Client: HLT Management

Producer: Nimago // nimago.it

Creative Director: Mirko Innocenti

3D and Character animation: Davide Donghi

2D animation, editing and character rig: Marilisa Besana

VoiceOver and soundtrack: Nimago

Speaker: Sasha Barbot

Master 2012 Spot TV

Master 2012 Spot TV from Donghi Davide on Vimeo.

Questo é un altro progetto realizzato per il master in cinema 4D, la realizzazione di uno spot pubblicitario.