Ultimi Lavori

Progress Reel - Animation Mentor, Class 02: Body Mechanics with Jason Martinsen

This is the work I've done for the class 02 with Jason Martinsen as Mentor 
Music: bensound.com

Progress Reel - Animation Mentor, Class 01: Animation Basics

This is the work I did in the first class at Animation Mentor, the course start animating a bouncing ball, and then evolve that bouncing ball through the creation of both “vanilla” and “personality” walk cycles learning how to realistically convey weight, motion and follow through.

Maya Workshop: Animation Basics


This is my progress reel that cover the basics of animation and Maya software I did in Animation Mentor on october- november 2014

Krewella Bootleg


This is a cool project that I've done for the musician Drop Exile


Done almost only in cinema 4D with some adjustment in Adobe Premiere, is a colorful mix of various 3D elements motion graphics that emphasize the sound of this great Bootleg

hope you like it :)

Campari 2014 Art Label, a limited edition inspired by Fortunato Depero


I contribute to this project by making stylised human character animations, using Cinema 4D